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After the rain I hoped in the morning you wouldn’t wake up to the fog and feel different but you didn't. I said to my friend when she poked the fire and embers came out that it was like she was making fiery stars. I told you touching you is like a blessing from heaven, and that listening to your heartbeat was better than any thunder ive heard in my life



what would you do if you woke up and you were in your crush’s body


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Bikini Bottom just got real..

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so my mum told me that as a kid she would peel an apple and throw the peel over her shoulder, and the peel would take the shape of the first letter of her future spouse. naturally, i decided to do it and


i’m fucking crying 

it says ‘no.’

it literally says NO.

oh my god

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i was so drunk and harry potter was on tv and i was mastrbating and dobby died and i was crying as i masturbated it was a disaster

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"I’m just gonna bullshit it."

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